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I'm not so partial to portishead.

because their wail is so effective:

Nobody loves me, it's true

not like you do

Portishead, Dummy. I thought I'd give the music more of a chance
listen to the rest of their Dummy album,
but jeez, it's all that lame leg pacing
lonely unholy wallowing

morphine-driven lounge music for self-pity.

Most of the time, I'm more excited about life. When I'm not, I hope it don't last as long as this album.

Not that I don't dig my Billie Holiday now and then. Somehow this seems immature, unreflective, relentless whining compared. Am I a stogy snob?

A lot like the smiths, but with less humour - the kiss of death.

they do have pretty phat beats though.

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