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friendship 3/27/94

yeah well
running from
between friends
and acquaintances
the quantity of time
thus earmarked
serves no distinction
were I your friend
another ship
on that
sad puddle
of human connection
and relationships
that just can't

were I to free
our bond
and our spirits
heavenward flew
would there be time?

Christ allows for little specificity
when confronted
with loving man
or loving men
you must love both,
to the exclusion of the other.

and, heart,
dear friend,
more time I have spent
between the articulated confines
- our collective mind
than that time
I spent between the
lips surrounding
the uterus
of my mother
and yet -
wherein lieth comfort?

your friend
and I agree
on a few things
the least of which being
that I am my best friend
and we have sought
to affirm this truth
in plenty of the best
like the clever
and timely
of my brother
in a cab
from a play
antigone it was
"to love oneself is the beginning
of a lifelong relationship"
or something to Colin's effect
heard by a
clever little
12 year old
with no competitors
for that
lifelong relationship
and little sense
as to where
to take his
new date

- J. Hall

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