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truth (11/10/94)

lost opportunities for hope
if left to fester
engender cynicism
too true to betray

a dying debater
who knows to quit
but can not lose
drives his point home

in memories
truth flits
moth to flame
reframed by conversation

between two people
always awaits
the excavation
of shared experience

the human story
told on a human scale
echos across a grand canyon
of isolation

reaches beyond
promises of prepared pagentry
in their market devotion

when left to confront
an empty ether
choose beyond
immediate pain

all that's left
behind a dead god.

universal systems
reveal themselves
in time

appointed prophets
wander working
fertilizing consciousness
with heavy shit

agendas beyond truth
betray soulless sham-mans
milking misery
sowing sadness

desparation borne of disaster
leaves the heart
open to deception
beware of ease

nothing hurts
as truth
crimson, scalding

anything less
warmed over
boiled down
feeds hunger

the row is hard
the hoe is rusted

weeds grow faster
require less care
than flowers

- J. Hall

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