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womant? (5/9/95)

what do women see in me
or what do they want?

my detachment fun and frolic
like dreams of child voice comfortable
I can remember playing with so many girls
but short order for effect
they can't leave me unchanged
demand denial - like I'm messed up
for being peacable

or maybe I am out of touch with my problems
but I thought you liked me cuz I don't care what you think?

why I make you so frustrated?

damn girl, we wuz havin' fun.
now I'm the messed up one
cuz I don't cry when you leave
or knock on yo' doh fo' mo'

I love you the same today
tomorrow and yesterday
and I'd probably love your friend like that too
I's like to share what I been givin' to you.

there's enough to go around
in this town, I stay with you
but I'm gonna make you blue
when I leave.

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