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Just In Case

Just In Case: a first person multiplayer online urban cyberpunk role-playing game.

Through the Internet, players log on to a large urban environment. Each is issued their own apartment. From there they can brave the streets, or see what awaits them online -

The goal is to make yourself a life in this post-modern city. Since the game is multiplayer, you can spend your time chatting and making friends. But you might find your peace disturbed by the street gangs and information pirates who run the streets and the infospace.

It is a post-modern city - different street cultures make the town a lively place. Above the city, between all of the aparments, a visual cyberspace world, an ethernet, a metasphere - a place where players can meet each other in simulated forms and wreak havok on corporate databases.

Fighting either to be a weapon toting gang leader, or hacking to be a more jacked-in infospace cowboy; players carve out their own niches amidst the street gangs and elite hacker-warriors online.

The enemies might include other players, but they might also include the denizens of this town - a lively lot of thugs, mystics, bums and anyone you would meet in a bar.

Maybe you run that bar - maybe after making your money pirating information for a corporation you plunked down for some streetside real estate and have your own evening meetingplace.

Or maybe you run the drugstore with over the counter performance enhancers that keep the bar patrons amped up and ready for trouble.

Just In Case will let you be whatever you want in the big city, once you've learned how to do a little damage.

Think of the games BloodNet, Circuit's Edge, Neuromancer - urban adventures with computer worlds within the game. This game will have it's own information universe running parallel to the action on the streets.

Then add Ultima Online - multiple players coming in at different points,

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