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(sounds like mohito).

A Cuban drink.

From 2001:

Steev served these during his birthday. Tasty! Sweet and tart, great full flavour. I've never been disappointed by these drinks - if you use fresh ingredients expect the best.

mojito makin's Stir some sugar and rum over low heat until the sugar is liquified. Mix sugar with squeezed fresh limejuice. Add some fresh mint sprigs, bash them a little with a wooden implement. Add lots of white rum. Add mineral water/soda water. Add ice cubes. Stir. Drop in some lime husks.

They're a wildly refreshing drink, and well suited to the Oakland climate. I served them at Wayne's 30th.

Then, in May 2003, I was encouraged to try brown sugar instead of white. Gives it a molasses/black magic funk. And, a European woman said the drink was actually invented in German. Who knows? She did say that I should soak the mint in sugar and rum for an hour before serving. That sounds good! She also suggested blending the mint/rum/sugar mixture so people get bits of mint. Why not?

For a more exact recipe and literary background

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