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Poking Phun at Politicians

Potent Political Pix

Ollie signed Dugout I've devoted an entire page to coverage of almost Senator Oliver North, including pictures of us together, and my signed memorabilia collection.

I also got Phyllis Schafley to sign a copy of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

the Gipper got AIDS! If you ever doubted the power of photo manipulation, this brutal, telling image could make of you a believer. First printed in Benetton's Colours magazine, I got the scan from Wired.

Not definitively proven to be photo manipulation, this photo of Clinton and friend could be just be another example of Clinton's star worship. I believe I first saw this in the Weekly World News, but the scan I found online.

Sharing an interest in law enforcement and drug prevention, Elvis and Nixon met once at the White House, where they were photographed together.

I have digitized a list of Dan Quayle Quotes.

The Dan Quayle for President Preservation Society proudly presents a story in pictures of an ex-VPs first foray into advertising - a frito lay commercial during the 1994 SuperBowl. Perhaps Dan Quayle will become our multimedia everyman political figure. Dare to dream.


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