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Exercise your right to e-mail in to a black hole! The President and Vice President of the United States have e-mail accounts tended by hapless swamped White House intern dweebs!

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In specific terms, this means a society in which young men and women gather to revel with polkas or waltzes, reels or jigs, or any other White dances, but never to undulate or jerk to negroid jazz or rock rhythms."
This internet page is part of their media distribution activites. They don't mention minority bashing as an organizational activity - but they are "building cadres."
If I thought I might belong to this organization, I was quickly disqualified. They have requirements for membership, the first of which is
I am a White person of good moral character, with no ineligibility.
Wouldn't want any morally infirm folk joining the bigot anti-semite club.
  • Working tirelessly on our behalf, the Taxpayer Assets Project watchdogs the government on public access and accountability issues. How do they spend our money, and how can they keep us from finding out? These people are righteous crusaders. (7/17/95)
  • If you believe there's a dearth of inspired leftist radicalism in this country, check out Refuse & Resist! I was found this page after being involved in a June 26 Mumia action. R&R takes a decisive stand against racism, sexism, conservative oppression. They use stronger language than most groups on the left, there's sense of urgency at their site. They have lists of demonstrations for you to lend your body to the revolution.
  • Using technology to save and enlighten the planet, the Institute for Global Communications hosts some of the brightest net.causes. This is the web home of EcoNet, an umbrella group of enviromental activist types. Herein: a truckin' gopher site, a list of member organizations, and links they care about, sorted by cause. A hidden gem, the Mushroom and Mycology Resources page - for you mushroom fans. Their PeaceNet stuff ain't much - just a list of links. ConflictNet has more info on themselves, nothing interesting, unless you would join - and, of course, a list of links. LabourNet is kicking up some bytes - creating pages for striking workers, as well as coordinating a nationwide labour events calendar, and the obligitory links list. WomensNet has a butt-kicking load of international names and organizations - contact points for persuing women's empowerment, both off and online. There's a link to the feminist activist links, which looks pretty durn authoritative. Overall, you might not learn at this site, but if you are looking to get connected to the leftie online scene, start here. (6/5/95)
  • Information about alternative poltical groups is available from the Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet page. Ellen Spertus at MIT maintains this list, linking to groups out on the web, and webifying select causes herself. The spectrum of organizations activating online is broadening - from Stop Prisoner Rape to People for the Ethical Treatment of Software. (3/28/95)
  • Swingin'
    Liberals have a site up coordinating their resources. The author put it up to combat his sense of online conservative/libertarian prevalence. He seems to have more fear/anger towards them than they towards him. I guess that's the balance of power these days. The democrats in this country need to propose solutions, or else they will end up being a reduced to reacting to republicans.(3/28/95) Providing equal time for the conservative point of view is the Right Side of the Web page. Funny, like the liberal guy, he thinks he's bucking the mainstream Internet political trend. I predict the web will soon follow the country in experiencing massive conservative growth. I will be watching this spot to see.(3/28/95)

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