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picture me

sometimes folks say, hey, we are going to link to you, and we'd like a picture of you. so here's some.

if you use these photos, credit the people who took them.

thank you!

one thing: they're all my face, but my hair has been adjusted to several extremes.

reverse chronological order here.

each picture links to the largest existing copy online.

me smiling at south by southwest
march '99
at south by southwest
photo by Gregory Alkaitis-Carafelli
hand blur november '98
at webzine '98

photo by Derek Powazek

quicktime pic
january '98
with wayne bremser
photo by me.

(the blowup is more saturated)

pinstriper by ariel behr
photo by ariel behr

i dress up each day i have class at swarthmore,
photo that day by ariel behr.

monkey and banana eater
july '97, brus laguna, honduras
fun picture of me and the monkey, but you don't have my eyes here.

justin of the jungle
july '97, honduras
jungle action photo of me that may be too muddy for your purposes.

taken by some tourist woman from holland i don't ever expect to hear from again.

esa and me at sime
photo by beata wickbom

photo of esa saarinen and me,
taken at sime '97, in stockholm in may
photo by beata wickbom

hands by sofie
photo by sofie beckham

photo by sofie beckham, spring '97, when my hands were a big concern.

photo by ?

taken at the eminds launch party, the anon salon, november '96.

squinch, by april chan
photo by april chan

taken by april chan

sun in my eyes
sun in my eyes, photo by wilson kello i believe.

probably too dark.

too many, by april chan
photo by april chan

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