l y n x

When I got this Thinkpad X21 laptop I named it "lynx," with three meanings:

animal, fast and lythe
web connections
text-oriented internet browsing

According to the instructions I found on LittleWhiteDog.com and in their forums, I replaced the usual Windows 2000 boot-up screen with this:


I used the neon blue lines that have characterized my imaginings of the dataworld made visual since a neon blue grid emerging from some consumer electronics in a stereo advertisement appeared to me when I was twelve. I taped that advertisement up next to my bed, and when I got graphics software on my pc, I was always trying to reproduce that glowing grid heading up into the foreground sky.

The Katakana, or Japanese alphabet reserved for foreign/special characters, spelling out "ri-n-ku-su." For some reason I left the bottom saying "starting..." though I think I should write some Japanese there too perhaps.

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