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These print voices thought I was worth mentioning.
  1. Internet Underground, I wrote a piece for their 403 Forbidden column.
  2. Rolling Stone, Issue 722, I wrote a piece for their "Cyber Nation" issue - they neglected to print my URL, instead my e-mail address, listed as "justin@cyborganic.con" They tried.
  3. Club Web Platinum
  4. Home on the Net, New Yorker, October 16th, 1995, John Seabrook
  5. Rolling Stone, J.C. Herz, she said "Part P.T. Barnum, part Johnny Appleseed, Hall is wide-eyed about technology, and firmly convinced of its power to give everyone a creative outlet."
  6. Esquire mentioned me in connection with sex sites, I don't know when or who.
  7. Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 4, 1995, A cybernetic brew, by Colin Covert.
  8. Playboy magazine, July 1995, page 48, for fuck.com
  9. Internet World April 1995, in A Walk on the Weird Side, by Eric Richardson, a moving review indeed. Doesn't mention much, misquotes my lede, but picks up on my mention of Internet World beating me to Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque.
  10. I've been reviewed by the Point Communications Corp.
  11. Wall Street Journal (8 February 1995) "Electronic Erotica: Too Much Traffic," by Jared Sandberg, page B1,B8, "Another problam is that the hard-core images eat up computer memory and disk storage. "The files are too big. You never have enough space on your hard drive," complains Swarthmore College sophomore Justin Hall. He should know: He operates his own World Wide Web site on the Internet - a virtual "pornocopia," as he calls it." I talked to this guy for over forty minutes, and this was the most insightful thing I had to say about sex online? Don't believe it folks - I wasn't even referring to my sex page when I mentioned pornocopia. Talk about a cursory reading! I made some better comments, but all the ones he laughed at, he said he couldn't print. What's the use of that?
  12. New York Times (3 January 1995) "Site-Seeing on the World Wide Web," a tour of web pages - one for each letter of the alphabet. Somehow L stood for Legal, not Links, but whatever, I'm happy. "L. Legal Beat. Current cases in cyberspace. http://www. wired. com/Staff/ justin/ dox/law.html"
  13. Internet World (Jan 1995), In "The Best and Worst of 1994," Kenny Greenberg mentions Justin's Links from the Underground as the Best hotlist - "Where else on the Net can you find the Ollie North page?"
  14. Internet World (Nov/Dec 1994), "Going Graphical: There's no place like a home page," by Kenny Greenberg, page 103, "For the adventurous who don't mind a little foul language, try Justin's Links to the Underground."
  15. Wired 2.10 (October 1994), "The (Second Phase of the) Revolution Has Begun," by Gary Wolf, page 121, under Cool Web Pages: A Sampler: "Links from the Underground. Links and commentary providing an alternative view of the web." I was working there at the time, I urged my URL on them.

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