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camay calloway murphy

havre de grace, maryland

peter's the guy that volunteered to put me up
camay calloway murphy is his mom


and the daughter, one child of four of cab calloway, baltimore based jazz guy.

visiting her house near the mayor's, intrigued by peter's upper middle class upbringing

doily sofas. rush plush rugs. stained glass. art for art's sake.

she had a victrola, with an original 78 of the johnny hodges band played "jeep's blues," a song I used to play on electric eclectic

peter told her I was in publishing, I explained myself in words I thought matched the weighted tenor of the decorations

I found her nodding afterwords, not meeting my eyes, moving on to another subject.

she showed us the first copy of a book she had just finished the text alongside illustrations of a famous friendly local artist tom miller, dying of AIDS
he makes murals, cool chairs.

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