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21 may 1996

peter: football.

juice is loose like squirmy in slow motion magical on the field
payton faught his way through, cleat in your chest always pushing downfield
chicago team like poltics
redskins like the federal government always in the game but no real star players
49ers and now seattle bought by microsoft science like
I ask about the most streetwise,
the philly eagles - ray rhodes coach, a former boxer hits hard they play a plan short passes much running up the field

in a pre-civilied society, rulers determined by athletic prowess,

mike tyson, oj would have been kings.

he hates the sacrifice of their bodies
no old players where are they now followup

the game of football has changed as such:
integration of black athletes brought spiritual, emotional celebratory to the game
widespread drugs and painkillers - psychoactive drugs like prozac given to quarterbacks to mellow them
imagines a further impact of nutrition
if he took the redskins at summer training and fed them carrot juice throughout season, they would be in the superbowl
more oxygenated than any other team in the NFL
drugs heal players faster, breaking achievement records
kids are starting younger

afrocentric play, before blacks no touchdown celebration
since, the league banned has dance in endzone once it got relatively sophisticated, in a circle, complex, no white guys
spirited gestures, they get crowd into it
further afro would be stepshows of teams bein' bad

pete and his brother say the best nose tackler is a sumo wrestler
to tie up the offensive center - shut down one part of the field
their training to leap hands up quick
japanese quarterbacks are going to be the most, really really god quarterbacks ever been to a sushi bar? how precise they are with everything? handed down from generation to generation, amazing capacity to imitate - some great japanese quarterbacks
cuz dan marino didn't have discipline didn't win the superbowl
marino needs to emphasize running game, save throwing for third and thirteen

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