I know I don't stand a chance but here it is!

Amsterdam or Vancouver B.C. that would be the trip for me. To experience the great pacific coast of Canada or to taste the flavor of old world Europe and to explore a specific cultural difference that I would like to learn more about. And that being the attitude towards the consumption of cannabis. Here in the USA. there has been what has been called a war on drugs.

It has effected many lives in many ways. I would like to explore how one or both communities are learning a different way of looking at what I call freedom of choice question and a way of life.

Also as an old road tripper I am in need of a new horizon, a new setting or maybe some new characters this comming summer with my wife Irene. We have already been making plans to make a trip to British Columbia this winter, but now with this offer from links. net I would like to FINALLY start learning how to write about what I see , think and observe around me. And put it on my first web page. The two thing I really want to learn how to do.

In preparation for the road I need to do a couple of things. One take either typing lessons or find a collage student who could tutor me up to a respectable speed. You see I have never been able to write ( still canít ) but I would like to learn. At the advance age of 46 I donít know if I could learn a new trick or not. The second thing is to put up a page in a place I have been visiting since 93 that brings me much joy and enlightens me almost every time I go there and that has been the internet. I would like to be able to express myself on how the world works for me.

Living in the desert here in Az. It would be nice to see the green trees lining the coast of Canada or to hear the waters of the Pacific and feel the moisture that is so lacking in Az. Or to hear the sounds of foreign languages being spoken in Amsterdam along with the smell of foods cooking in restaurants never imaged. As the differences between the peoples of the world melt away thanks in large part to the internet it is important for me to observe and enjoy the differences I see between the peoples of the world. Also my wife who until she met me had never left Az.,so it is a lot of fun taking her to places to "show her the world"as I promised her so many years ago.

Another reason for entering this Links.net contest would be to play the role "roving foreign correspondent . Reporting as Marrow or Erine Pyle might have if they were still alive. Finding new people, places and reporting to the world via a travel weblog. Thats the ticket!

I always enjoyed the writing found on the early Links.net and would like to build my first web page in that early style that Justin developed.

This has taken me three days to write this and in this time I have found out I will be leaving from here in Phoenix for Salt Lake City to work at the Olympics. The company I work for Eurest Dinning Services has the feeding contract and have found themselves way in the "weeds" as we say in the business and is in need of more chefs. As I find myself heading out for the gathering of the tribes in their peaceful pursuit of competition I really wish I was mobil connected so my friends and family could experience a little of my everyday life.

Writing this to explain the reasons I would like to use some of your travel miles has been fun and made me even more determined to write my first book. In the book the main man (me) is a reporter who quits his job to write his first book. .Since writing what you know makes it easer to write winning the contest should provide me with some new and welcome material.

Well itís off to Salt Lake, hope I can find a spare internet connection!

Craig Milbourn 2/11/02