I wanted to submit one for myself, because I looove traveling, and haven't gone anywhere notable in a while. Right off the top of my head, Fiji, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Bali are all places I've been dying to go. But if I went, my poor lonely wife! She hates her job, and has been dreaming of a spiritual retreat, something magical that will let her forget about normal life and live the dream of travel she started so long ago, before we met two years ago and settled into normal life. It's been a slow year for me workwise (I work in the film business, but I guess all freelance work has taken a dive), and with her enjoying herself somewhere, I could use the time to concentrate on work. I travel enough for work to keep me happy, but she hasn't really gone anywhere. I've got a credit card and a Canon GL-1 viddy camera that hasn't seen any good action since Nicaragua. I could send her off with a power converter and an armload of DV tapes and have her document her trip. Unfortunately we don't have a laptop, so there would be a timelag between capture and presentation, but who would really know she was posting a little late? She's great at keeping a journal, and her voyage would have the added dimension of a spiritual trek as she sheds the chains of her desk job. We have a friend who is a kickass web producer who could give us help, and my wife is a stunning graphic designer. Her work isn't too bad either ;) My choice for her is Paris, France. I've been, and If I went anywhere by myself only I would enjoy it. Help me in my selfless act and send my wife to Paris and we would both be happy (not to mention your readers). Hopefully yours, Eli Golub

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