I heard about your contest through the zinesters listserv. Here's my proposal.

I want to take a trip to the Starbuck's that is the greatest geographic distance away from my home. I'm not sure where that is yet, but with a little research I'm sure I can find one in Sierra Leone or Madagascar or someplace. That's part of the fun. I'm not sure where I'll be headed, but that's where I'll have to go.

I have a conflicted relationship with Starbuck's. Though my knee-jerk, anti-corporate feelings and knowledge about Starbuck's displacement of locally-owned businesses causes me to disdain them, I also know that they have created public gathering places (not to mention provided access to decent coffee) in otherwise neglected areas. I have drank from their well and feel the evaluation of their cultural worth deserves further consideration. In order to do this, however, I can't just mosey into the nearest one, but must seek out the furthest from my immediate environment.

I have published my own webzine, www.swigzine.com for about two years now. That's where I will publish my story.

Ethan Thompson