I propose to travel from Vancouver, BC to Sao Paulo, Brazil in search of the mysterious Brazilian composer Tom Ze. Picture it! High adventure on the trail of a genius now rumored to be penning leftist jingles for the Communist Party! High comedy as a young foreigner stalks main drags and dirt roads flashing a worn and weathered photograph like an amateur private detective, perhaps coaxing one of Ze's tunes from that crappy guitar he brought with him, hoping to impart the identity of his prey to the confused locals gathered around him at an anonymous fruit stand. It's Magic Time! Can you FEEL IT?!

Anyway, content produced by this jaunt would most likely be sound recordings (hopefully with the participation of Mr. Ze, should I be able to find him) and perhaps a choose-your-own-adventure narrative that composes a leftist jingle based on the choices you make on your little magical mystery tour. Can you FEEL IT?! ...Boy, I know I can... Also photos and various other bits of documentation sure to arouse the interest of the reader/viewer.

I've never made a web page but I know a very special lady who could provide some assistance in that area. Examples of my musical efforts are available at:




I think that's about it, thanks for considering my entry...

Galen Hartley