Dear Judges;

I accidentally stumbled on to this contest in a link through It is 4 am, and I am staring at the screen, expecting it to write the words for me. But the bastard isn't. So here goes.

I have always loved to travel. Incidentally, wherever I go, things happen to me. Weird, random, totally deigned by the twisted hand of fate things. They always, always follow me. Brief example: I went to Harlem recently, so out of place I was glowing like a phosphorescent light. It was midday, brisk and comfortable, relaxing. While there are many neighborhood folk on the sidewalk around me, the junkie locks eyes with me, of course. I have a problem with eye contact; it somehow seems impolite if I don't look one directly in the eyes. Yes, even when dealing with a crack addict. He ambles up to me, trembling and sweating with addiction. He politely inquires of me "Yo, woman, you got any rock? You know, the good shit?" Looking around with doe-caught-in-headlight-eyes, I realized I was on my own. My mouth just started miraculously speaking, under no control of mine. "No, sir, I apologize but I don't have any crack today." To this moment, I still don't know why I included 'today'. Maybe to make him feel better, or something. This is just a tiny incident in an archive of many that seem to happen only to me.

My point, which even I was losing, is that I am an excellent candidate for this. I promise that no matter what, something will happen to me, and my utter naivety will shine through like a beacon. A magnet, if you like.

My two specified cities are Dublin, Ireland-it has always been a dream of mine to go there. Yes, in that corny, Irish fiddler music type way, to see this ancestral country. My second choice is Toronto, Canada. This because I hear it's a bustling mecca of Canadians. I think the phrase 'nuff said' should suffice here. I can travel for the summer months, as I am on break from school. If neccessary, barring the really scsry death threats from my parents, I would even miss some school. I will photograph as much as I can, I will write my heart out, and I promise you-I wont leave out a single detail.

I dream unrealistically of being a writer, but at least I would be able to carry out part of my dream before it is squelched by the drive to earn massive amounts of money in a blood sucking advertising-like manner. For a simple ticket to the world, I would let you help me in this dream. All it takes is one contribution.

I don't know where I would go, what I would do. Maybe meet random people online beforehand, decide to meet them, and share my horrific "real-life meetings" by writing witty yet poignant entries. I will definitely include pictures for that. Or perhaps I will just live without the boundaries of my life, for once. (I figured that was a good quote you could use, just in case I win.)

I have never been out of the country, though I have been to Alabama, so that should count for something. But I would love, and use to my fullest advantage, an opportunity such as this.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jenn Kane
(Long Island, NY/ Middletown, NY)