For consideration to your Travel Contest:

I would like to try my hand at a proxy pilgrimage of my own in Japan. A friend sent me the link to Your site after he noticed my rather intense hunt for information on Japan. I have been trying to obtain a job to teach English in Japan you see, and was searching for information on what I was like for a foreigner to live their and interact with it's natives. Somehow, I ended up spending two continuous days, soaking up information from your site on not just Japan but of several of Justin's other Travel. I can honestly say now that I am determined and ready to get there, and expose myself to some of the most mysterious culture on the globe. I most admit that I have never been the greatest fan of fish or undercooked foods, but I am game to give them a try. I would love to somehow spend one years time in Tokyo and experience traveling around the surrounding areas. The don't foresee any problems for me to include web updates of tidbits on culture, pictures or maybe a welcoming beacon for other visitors to Japan. I would also try to obtain some freelance work reviewing technology advances including viedogames(I've been and avid player for as long as my parents could supply cash.)I am currently employed as a news writer at and have been so for a year and a half. My HTMl/websign experience is null,(but I currently undertaking Justin's advanced HTML 101 Courses and am on my way to mastery. I have just recently purchased a domain name in anticipation of staring my own site, but would gladly use that for the home base for accepting email and even donations. In closing, I am really looking forward to traveling to Japan and see this as a fantastic opportunity to get there! I await your decision.

Leonard Richardson