Iíve been hatching big travel plans for a few years now. Let me tell you about them:

>>The big idea
A solo, one-year, round-the-world travel adventure which I will document in text, images, and video in (near) real-time on Vagabonding.com, a URL Iíve owned for years.

>>The multimedia project
Approached from a journalistís perspective, Vagabonding.com will feature travel content that:

- Gives readers a feel for different areas of the world and what itís like to travel through them
- Focuses on compelling, offbeat stories of local characters and festivities
- Illustrates the vagabonding lifestyle and what itís like to travel the world on your own

Iím going to tell these stories in text, images, and video. Content will be displayed on the site and also emailed to subscribers on a biweekly basis.

>>The route
The travel plans are loosely as follows: start in the South Pacific, then thread through South East Asia, India, the Middle East, and Africa. Iíd use the Links.net mileage giveaway to get the trip started, traveling first to Nadi, Fiji, and then Auckland, New Zealand.

>>The timeframe
I plan on leaving at the end of summer, 2002.

>>My qualifications
Iím uniquely qualified to make this project happen. Formally educated as a journalist, I have been producing professional Web content since 1996. I have lived abroad for over a year and have traveled on four continents. Most importantly, I have the passion, the money, and the guts to do this.

- www.vagabonding.com
The first demo version has just been posted.

- www.mikepugh.com
My resume/portfolio site.

- www.chicagocircle.com
I built and maintain this community site to stay in touch and share digital photography with my friends.

Some people think Iím nuts to leave a good job and a great scene to travel the world on my own for a year; I think Iíd be nuts not to. It mainly comes down to this: I want to see the world, and two weeks of paid vacation each year just won't cut it.

Why do I want to share my journey on the Web? Because I enjoy doing so. I like writing, taking photographs, editing video, and making Web pages. Travelogues are my favorite Web destinations. I figure, why not make my own Ė and try to make it the best Web travelogue out there?

Why would I be a good recipient of the Links.net Mileage Giveaway?
- I have the skills and experience to generate intelligent and engaging multimedia content
- Iíll provide all my own hosting arrangements for Vagabonding.com, simplifying your involvement
- Vagabonding.com will be active for one year or longer, providing a lot of coverage and value for your investment
- Iím going to some pretty intense places; interesting things are bound to happen
- Iíll happily promote Links.net on the site and wherever else I can
- The ideals behind Vagabonding are similar in spirit and philosophy to Justinís Links

Thank you so much for your time!

Mike Pugh
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