my name is Pascal Laverdiere and I am a canadian and I'm living in France (Paris) since november 2000. This gave me the travel bug as I had the chance of travelling all around Europe for leisure. But if I were to have a free ticket for the destination of my choice, here is where I would want to go next. I would go down under, in the magical land of Oz, Australia. Starting with Melbourne and Victoria I would drive along the Ocean Road and discover those cities. I would then head to Sydney, the last host of the summer olympics. I would visit there some famous site like the Sydney Opera, the many beach and the Blue Mountain. I would then take a jeep ride in the outback and discover the interesting wildlife; the kangaroo and the koala. i would go as far as the mystical site of the aborigen, the Ayer's Rock. Then I would return to the eastern cost but this time to Brisbane. From there, I would visit the Great Coral Reef and scuba dive there to admire this superb natural site.

Of this trip I would post on the web the various travelogue and experience I had in all these cities and site I visit. I would also put pictures I would have take. I already have experience in this kind of assignement as I have my own travel page located on "". I'm writing my travel story and publish several pictures for more than 60 destinations since november 2000.

I hope you will consider my candidature, and hope to hear from you soon,

best regards,
Pascal Laverdiere