My dream is to be able to walk the rustic streets of Parati, a small Island 100 miles south of Rio De Janeiro. I want to smell and view the rustic buildings built by the Portugese hundreds of years ago. There's a sailboat that glides around the Island for tourist and it has hammocks on board. This is the ultimate escape and relaxation.

I would swim in the lagoons of soft turquoise color and fish to my hearts content. I would sleep at night listening to the tropical birds sing their songs of splendor and praise. I can almost taste the prawn that they serve with the tobasco sauce daily, the exotic seafood dishes that are so wonderfully prepared.

I want to see the multi colored doors on the beautiful houses and the serenity of their Churches.I want to hear the clatter of the horse drawn carriages on the cobblestone streets and never worry about traffic because there are no cars in Parati. I really would love to be selected but actually I'm almost there ( in my mind) . Thanks and please ,send me.