Digital Holland - A Proposal
Departure Dates: July/August 2002
Holland is the land of Rembrant, van Gogh, de Stijl and many other great artists and innovative visual thinkers. My project's goal is to travel to Holland to see great art and design and talk to as many designers, artists, photographers, architects as I can. I will use the results of my explorations as content on a web site that I will build with the focus on my images and writings and thoughts I will gather from the trip. Other possible uses of the gathered information might be a gallery exhibition of my photographs and /or illustrations and perhaps a book at a later date and any other collaborative efforts that might come about.

My journey will start in Amsterdam and The Hague with the objective to visit as many different regions in Holland including as I can by foot, public transportation or by bicycle. I have several questions regarding Dutch culture that I will use as the basis for exploration from a artistic and cultural perspective. These questions will include, but are not limited to: How does living in an open society such as Holland influences artistic expression? How much do artists innovate compared to how much of their work is culturally and historically influenced?

Though I am looking at Dutch culture to find influences and directional indicators I will admit that I am most interested to see how this experience would influence my own art and design work. I hope that being in a society different from our own will guide me to another level artistically and intellectually. I believe that any journey such as this must be taken internally as well as externally.

As for my itinerary, I would hope that I could keep my schedule as open as possible to allow for the widest range of exploration and discovery. Obviously, there would be the need to arrange for interview and meeting times of the artists beforehand. Again, my primary objective is to experience the artistic and social culture with as wide and varied a lens as possible with the latitude to explore microcosms as I found them.

About Tricia Harvey
Tricia Harvey is a 36 year old graphic designer and artist from Canada living in the suburbs of Washington, DC with Jacob and their three cats. She is interested in many forms of artist expression including comic art, bookmaking, and popular culture.

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