i recently participated in an exhibit at rice gallery, here in houston, texas with mingwei lee, an artist from new york. his exhibit, the tourist project, had participants take him to parts of houston on a personal tour. he collected artifacts, recorded conversation and took pictures during each tour and displayed these things along with clothing in the gallery. from the few hours i shared with him, i realized he, having only been in town a few weeks, knew more interesting places and things to do in houston than i did, after living here for 27 years. he has now extended the invitation, to all of his tour guides to come to new york for him to play host.

i would like to fly to new york city and take advantage of his invitation and take mingwei's tourist project beyond houston. i want him to now show me personal and significant places for him in new york, with the itinerary up to him. pictures and an online journal is what i plan to make of this extension of his project, but am open to an evolving process as well. i also wouldn't mind tagging along with this artist for a week or so to document part of his process or methodoligies while creating his work.

mingwei urls:
www.malepregnancy.com www.ruf.rice.edu/~ruag/02S/Mingwei/leetext.html

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