Web Publishing

Wednesday, November 11, 1994

Bay Area Internet Users Group

The past, the present, the future, the role of the web - the potential, the human need the web may/not fill, prototype for?


excitement about the net

precursor to entertainment superinfohypeway

publishers excited about web

where I come from
LfromU - alternative, small, DIY
HotWired - large, corporate, professional, media institutional

I will be talking about

past - internet publishing, bbses, commercial online stuff
present - different models of web publishing
future - role of web, commercial wrangling, how you can take advantage

The Past

Various Online Publishing Media

Internet sanctioned, subsidized sprawling
e-mail telnet ftp usenet gopher MUDMOO wwwtext mosaic
bbs - guerilla, garage
late 70s early 80s
anything goes
restricted, dead end publishing option
tied to traditional media
Web = merging of first two

My Story

Justin's Home Page to Links from the Underground

The Present

Two Models for Magazine people on the web:


Non-Professional Publishing Potential

Links from the Underground

Commerical Entities - Storefronts and subscriptions until Digicash

The Future

size issues

more servers, more platforms
Publishers and the rest of the world

Commercial interests/prospects

market size/power
digital cash - issues of privacy and freedom
Commercial potential/expectations

Role of the Web

Web as prototype of large scale, public accessable/harnassable, popular online service

Problems with Web

Where does Video on Demand fit in?

Your Role

Early web publishers laying groundwork for information systems of the future
get out there and make something wonderful.