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"what i saw on my way back from the digital revolution:
the social implications and educational potential of the world wide web."
swarthmore speech for may 4 1998

intro: swat oriented talk:

why i came
why i left
why i returned
and what's on my mind as i finish

why i came

joe razza
reed or swat - grounding me
smoking pot on willets 1st south

links from the underground


why i left

hot shit
dumb duties & talking to people
elitist easy to leave

swattie but sf/tech (reed)

came back

develop myself
beyond tech hype & elitism
liberal arts, not libertarianism
27k daily users and sex.

sinners & web ethics
learning skills and exploring issues
ultimate question: webpub just for justin? or generally useful?

left II

on the road
staying with readers & swatties
beautiful, nonstandard moments
(bert & breakthrough)

living with howard - still a college boy i
"keeper of the vision" with venture captial
net hype '96 - 10 best and bankrupt
got a girl but not a crazy compelling cause, so return

here again

special major
after 16 of 22 departments time to focus
"meaning context and media" religion history and english - 9 depts

studying moment and technology with thesis
what kind of society we're shaping with machines.
(what priorities?)

visions of for the net, and swarthmore

net as a kid
offspring of capitalism and science
bound to be rebellious - let's teach it

swat duty to fill the net with good shit
publish student scholarship, theses, on dept. web pages
(marketing - al bloom)
and distributed education

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