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personal storytelling on the www workshop
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I have made stories about my life for years. How and why do I do this?

We are going to figure out how you might pick some part of your life, however specific and personal/impersonal, and make a few hypertext pieces about it.

First a round of introductions, who are you? what's your name? why are you here?

some folks here are familiar with director, or premiere - while I want folks to be comfortable using their tools, I want them to have something to show after the days have gone by, and multimedia projects take too long to collect data and edit it down. so let's talk about it!

I will talk a little about myself - where I came from and how my site developed, with a running justin-web clickathon. The point is to end up understanding my website shape and structure: links, life background, diary.

Then we'll talk a little about personal storytelling - what is appropriate? what is suited to hypertext?

When Abbe runs her Digital Storytelling Bees, she has people speak about their Grandmothers, and that theme gives the storytelling focus for the short duration session. Since we have more time, I think we'll work more open-ended. It worked for Sinnners!

you don't have to refer to something,
good stories can come from you

We'll try to outline or dive into some personal stories - each of the invader-folk will hopefully come up with a few chunks of their own design to array in non-linear fashion. The idea is to make your own subject, something you are comfortable and excited about explaining, from your own experience.

Throughout the days, as we work on our pieces, we'll interrupt occasionally for folks to share their own progress and discoveries. If possible, people might collaborate or at least link relevant pieces.

Then after we have worked over this personal webbed world, we'll work to see how best to put a front page on top of it - how to link people in to hypertext?

We have four days.

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