Hacking H T M L


Ben Franklin would have loved this. Ready to run your own printing press?

Here come some H T M L basics

In these documents are contained the secret arcane knowledge of hacking HTML. Don't tell anyone! I could be kicked out of the web wizards guild for sharing this stuff...

Basic codes, how to format text to make it look spiffy.

Bread and butter of the web, linking and graphics.

The modern age, flow, colourization and tables.

These tutorials are the building blocks. The foundation is my ProtoPage.

The best way to find out if something works is to give it a whirl. Get a copy of some text editor and a browser, and do it on your desktop system.

The other thing to keep in mind is that nearly all browsers allow you to "View Source" of the pages you are looking at - a great way to learn this stuff. If you ever see something cool that someone has concocted in HTML, you can check it out, by viewing the source text. You can see the tags they used, and use them yourself! It's very empowering!

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