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* justin's links from the underground establishes new trend in absurdly low cost web advertisin' *


* idealism meets mammon; socks win. *

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veteran web raconteur justin hall announces today the first potential for paid advertising on his site, Justin's Links from the Underground (http://www.justin.org/).

for over two years now, justin's links from the underground enjoys thousands of unique daily visitors. mentioned in the philadelphia inquirer, the witchita eagle, sauce*box, the garrett county journal and the swarthmore college phoenix, the site has also appeared in the new york times, the washington post, the wall street journal, newsweek, rolling stone, playboy and the badger herald. hall himself has appeared on television, speaking about jail conditions in an unrelated arrest.

judging from the response, folks are attracted to hall's hair-raisingly honest improvisational web weavings, or the sex, drugs and astrology.

now that audience once mostly his is accessable to others for mere money!

in keeping with his efforts to encourage small scale and personal publishing, hall has made this awe-inspiring advertising opportunity available at prices unseasonably reasonable considering the recent web/mammon frenzy.

"my web friends slap their foreheads when they hear; basically," sez hall, "folks can appear on my pages several hundred times a day for fifty bucks a month." if he approves of them, that is, because he "plans on being discerning and shit."

half-sized advertising "bannettes" of 230x60 pixels, once accepted, will end up in a pool from which they will be randomly drawn to compliment certain high visibility pages. specific pages can be requested, but it may not do any good.

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making web pages can be fun and easy: learn how!

perhaps absurdly low, hall believes his rock-bottom prices will attract enough people to support his efforts, "basically, with tendonitis in both my hands, I can't even wash dishes to raise cash. I'm hoping to sell out some so I can afford to buy some new socks. and maybe some condoms. definitely condoms. twenty people give me fifty bucks and that's some serious cash. and besides, if I need more, I can charge rich people extra. and maybe when I start doing lots of web stuff again, I can use this to pay my way full time."

(the thousands of dollars previously donated to hall and his web site will be graciously honoured. postal delivered donations was not a viable means of long-term support for this personal web publisher. perhaps once there is quick and easy digital cash, hall will once again return to dedicated digital panhandling.)

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granted the aforementioned hand malady, hall could be slow in response - please be patient. work on your web site! if you need instructions, teach yourself how at


thanks for your bandwidth.

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