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Aside from the game reviews on Links.net, I write game reviews for maga/zines.

Once I started working at Gamers.com, I wrote pieces for our sister site Firing Squad:

Jagged Alliance 2 - October 1999
The Sims - February 2000

I reviewed a few games for WildWeb Games. The site didn't exist when I wrote the reviews; I didn't know what they'd look like. I think the site is a little shallow, and a little too close to a catalog for my taste. But it was a good experience and the people there were nice to me; even if I don't like the cobbled coherency of their edits! Viva self publishing (sorry spelling).

Caesar III: much prettier and coherent I think: here, or wildweb.com

Carmageddon 2: wildweb posted without the rendition of Jingle Bells I rewrote to describe the game! Catch it here

Grand Theft Auto: wildweb didn't put up my long review yet. Find it here.

Rage of Mages: wildweb another aborted long review you can find here

Might & Magic VI: wildweb - I sent them an extremely long review, they used promo copy. My version here.

BladeRunner: wildweb or here; somehow they omitted this line:

The movie Blade Runner is a cyber-culture classic. The grim high tech noir film set in post-postmodern Los Angeles has the seductive look and the feel of watching William Gibson give head to Max Headroom in a dark alley.

(what did I expect?)

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