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A Justin Hall Show

Directed, Edited, Produced by Ryan Junell

This show is a non-denominational ministry for young people, where I talk to folks about their lives. Intelligent interviews with unusual folks. Respect and reverance for my guests and the audience.

September 2001:
After wrestling with boring talking heads in an interview show for months, we head back into post-production for a new visual style.

June 2001:
Three interviews with young artists, cut and edited. Introduction and wrap-around segments currently being edited.

Here's some stills:

Justin interviews Annick
Justin interviews Jay
Justin interviews Mark
Show Genesis

After 18 months in a cubicle I was ready to do something where I have to stand up. I'd had some experience with television, and I found I took to the work - performing ideas for a low-level pedagogy.

A dream career mixes speaking and interviewing - you learn and process in real time. I like writing, but talking and listening, I really get amped up. As I took to games when I got restless with studying the web, I think I take to video when I get restless making static media.

So in February 2001, I got myself a tivo and taped a bunch of TV - I enjoyed especially Mr. Rogers - his form of direct address, plain speaking, and his interviews that take place in the studios of the folks he cares for.

So with Ryan, we brainstormed a field interview show. March 2001, we started taping.

Many folks ask me, what is the intended audience? Where will the show show?

Maybe it's the web rubbing off on me - I intend to make something I believe in, and then show that to people. Frankly, I've got enough work writing and speaking where I don't need to bend over too far to make TV for money. I make a video and if someone likes the idea, I'm happy to work with them. I've got some friends in Los Angeles, we'll see what they say. Meanwhile, I have friends in San Francisco who are doing broadband streaming TV stuff, so maybe it will end up online! Then I'd have the freedom to interview who I like, directed by Ryan's good instincts, and share it in the way of the web. Why not?

Stay loose, dude.

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