curious doctor cheeze

purple clad cyberdad midwestern dairy proclivites retained but he don't dress like no sconnie doncha know left westward his dresshas like his tastes and dates he consorts with lesbians! and drug users! and way hard weenies! standing under a porch coordinated christmas lights near a polygraph jonathan's file format explained in focus and forethought he can data with the basso profundo work wire with the dairy queen thirty years old already a veteran had his vision dashed and cashed now standing by the deliveryroom bedside of his brainchild he's found a more suited mate she's great he drives an old gold car rubber bag bearing toys for tech boys techno funk black folk and the pimpled faced on acid you'd never guess it from his pictur robotic mirth or pleasant vulnerability always tweaked almost alien a wizened pose grandmother in glasses business beared financing his friends with old money and new deals community is hell to live in daddy is in demand gotta pay the bills keep us in appliances someday we'll be at the tail end of revolution rave and rap on elevators hyperhistory will herald a bold boy and founding father this man's got glue you know who the curious doctor cheeze.

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