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27 october 1995

solo in worth
Out to dinner with George's ex
at an island cafe/bar that serves drug drinks
amphetamines in alcohol
coca-cola and cocaine
I flop a life size doll of her under the table
later I call josh's to get the KKK, it's worked before.

cher saw pfunk on this island once.
I had been with Phil Corboy, speaking of answering machines and faxes -

now I'm running a lonely marathon,
I think I'm fast, looking on the other side of the bay
I have a shot against childhood friends.
but I am slow in starting, and I lose. I reach the beach where mike and jesse and jeeks are sact, they laugh.
I stick my head and red jumpsuit in the water.

later in an apt with them, politicians from buenos aires keep being killed.
earlier, say post Cher, I'm wadering an office, giving her a tour? something about two apartments, one to be mine.
meet laughable fellow I make friendly accessable - I feel bad, at least in front of her - he's corner seated covered in frost from seclusion.
aurther, weenie, works too hard.
I scuff the ice off, watch a mind film, promotional filmed on a saturday portly like shit is in the way - people crazing the same folk repeated cheap a yellow BMW in the distance rolls out and tons of same cieling oriented workers leave him confused and alientated wandering near.

the more I look at cher to see her, and surgery, her nose becomes bizarre - her eyes straying.
people were outside waiting for me, save one in bed, I played my voicemail which had the sad spooky buenos aries news and the radiator pipes woke me.

the city apt with the glass floor was given to someone - McCutcheon?
grudgingly admitted more deserving.

two dogs in the elevator fighting the doorman parts them and then the owner tries, immediately swearing at the tougher one that is not his.
I am scared as usual.
we diverged running on the beach because I thought I could find my own way but I never landed over, pushed my hands along the pavement with my legs staying

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