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eminds lingo

terms we used around the office - throw a dozen or so people in a single space for five months leading up to a deadline and watch a distinct vocabulary emerge. many of these reflect outside communities (drugs, computing), and the particular time and place of the making of electric minds.

quality often ascribed to john mccoy, by howard

bio break
use the toilet
derivation, ascribed to thede loder by abbe don

crack (get off the)
vjim's response to any unreasonable request, "jim - could i have that template by five today?" "get off the crack."


don't have the cycles [bandwidth]
modeling the mind after a computer, don't have the cycles denoted a lack of brain space or patience for the given issue. "i don't have the cycles to deal with randy right now."
possible derivation, jonathan steuer, abbe used it a lot.

rest, for people or computers, ie webservers - "what's the downtime involved in porting over the new user database?"
a period during which the given party is not available to the outside world


fucking rocks
exclamation of profound enthusiasm, "that fucking rocks."
definite derivation, vagabond jim

to develop, over time, by creating and refining models. "we're iterating the site design" - don't quote me on this definition, i've lost my dictionary.
abbe used this word a lot. i've picked it up.
issues, often technical, that arise in the course of the meeting and threaten the proper course "what about ftping behind the firewall?" "don't go there, it's a rathole."
see, "take it offline".

be safe
be well, good bye
definite derivation, vagabond jim

social web
the unctious eminds marketing phrase that randy hurled about.
personal derivation, ipri

take it offline
what to do with ratholes.

weasel wear
what marketing guys wear/were
definite derviation, abbe don

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