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Gideon Wesley

born december 28, 1988

chris and gid young Gideon and his mother Chris
Gideon was my first sustained chance to be an Uncle. An unlikely amount of responsibility I felt. But more excitement - I got to watch a life take shape, just fourteen years younger than me.

Gideon was a kid possessed - a fire to learn, an obsession with numbers and rules. Good with numbers, yep. And quite an avid reader - in his early teens, he was seldom seen without a book. And then Magic cards. And then, well, high school.

As any young boy, he had unending stamina for activity - "come on uncle justin! pitch me!" While I'm having trouble remaining standing for a half an hour, he's busy scampering around the back yard, yelling out the names of famous baseball players who seem to surround him as he swats the ball to the back of the fence, again.

Summer '95 we were wrestling, and he called me "a bouganvilla."

In 2001 I took Gideon to see a one-man show about Buckminnster Fuller, produced by FogHouse. I wanted to inject a little vision of creative ethical mathematical passion in there with all of Gideon's intellectual inclination. I think he enjoyed it; the experience of being out late alone with his uncle was probably strange enough.

Family at Sugarbowl
Justin, Gideon, Peter, Cassidy, Chris, Elias - Sugarbowl, December 2000

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