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Cassidy Caitlin

blue babe Born in August of 1994, like the family needs another Leo (Peter).

Too young yet to determine demeanor, one things for sure - her eyes are killers. Big blue saucers, she's going to be quite an alluring young woman.

I'm glad Chris had a girl, more female energy in the house to balance the boys. Her brothers (Gid and Eli) do love her, that's obvious, they look out for her.

She was a mellow girl, at least in the pre-speech phase. Even tempered, not prone to whiny outbursts or demanding.

Now at 14 months, she's developed a screech perched somewhere between complaint and ecstacy - quite communicative effective. Her mom sez she's taken to the non-verbal communication thing better than the boys.

Her and her father communicate through dramatic facial expressions, it's a joy to watch.

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