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something about these holidays
it makes people drink

(I've been watchin' my imbibements and intoxicants)

the ultimate lesson?

for this holiday season
drink lots of water!


show compassion
towards your fickled family members
even in this rare moment
of genuine gathering
some pull away
too easy to intoxicate and ignore
we need love.

this we feel

in homemade dolmades
a fiesty fire extinguisher man
thirty page prarie epics a young girls fancy
nonstop hostage
hours and days
of desk withdrawl
to end up here
this table
our genuine gathering

bless this

our strength
our family union
not blood but bond
we are here together again
thank god
to be treasured.
as saints we strength hold
and lift each other
fortune and family
remembering the dead
and celebrating the living.
thank you for coming
and joining with clear mind and clear heart
for this, a merry christmas
by your presence
and sweet soul light
we are so lifted.


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