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tgiving grace

let us give thanks
to be among folks who still believe in family
in a world so in need of familial support
we are blessed to have each other
in strength and weakness
humour and adversity
we turn now to each other
in these colder months
may this family, as this food
be to its intended use
the nourishment of our body,
our mind and our soul

let each one of us, as we are to each other
be a familial light unto the world
that we may take these blessings
and infuse even our dreariest day
with the supreme joy it is to be alive

and in so doing share this bounty with our less able brothers and sisters
with love and justice both - granted by the grace of fair providence
has willed this most magnificent meeting

Say we thanks to Joan and George
for provision of both homestead
and healpings of this fabulous feast
you, who continue to be so gracious, thank you for opening your home.

Thank you Marilyn, for your sign of travelled support,
you have come far to be amongst us, and we are glad to have you.

steve and kathryn, you did not have to come so far
glad are we to have you as neighbors

we thank you as well for bringing your children

evan warren and melanie sara
to have you two around keeps even me young

perhaps we do not understand the weigh of your visit
you who have so quickly become consumed by business
this respite is your support family connection
we are your strength, use us to recover your balance
we are glad you could make it

lastly, let us give thanks to and pause for warren and delia
their twilight visible horizonward
together with john and catherine cotsirilos
it is from them we have learned
decency and compassion, strength and grace that is this our family bond

eternal spirit,
be with each member of our family
and all those that need thee

guide us and keep us
and let us to make a light of our lives

these gifts we endeavour to bear
with that strength and grace of those who came before us

and thusly we hope to inspire today

thank you


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