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New Orleans Guide

Welcome to New Orleans. Schools are in a constant state of "reform." The local industry consists of low paying service jobs. Mugging is an accepted form of wealth redistribution. Gutters are full & flowing whether it rains or not. The local county jail resembles something out of the Middle Ages (if you can help it, don't get arrested). And politicians find it hard to complete a full sentence much less find creative solutions for the city's many problems. The latest attempt at urban renewal has been to stick a multi-million dollar casino in the middle of downtown. This is not a forward-looking place. But we call it home.

Indeed, if you are looking for progressive thinking New Orleans ain't for you, which, of course is part of its charm. For the most part, New Orleans is free of internet millionaires, cell phones and go-getters. Salaries are low, real jobs are scarce and money is hard to find. What attracts people to New Orleans, like the authors of this little zine, is the culture, alcohol or universities. Unlike most sprawling cement cities in the United States, New Orleans has a quirky Spanish/French/Southern/Irish character all its own.

The following is a completely unofficial list of what we like to do in New Orleans. We felt that the guidebooks - even the cool, underground guidebooks - are full of dogshit. Most of them are written for 30-50 year olds who really do believe that the House of Blues is on a "mission from God." We, on the other hand, believe that travel is less about yuppie leisure and more about serious intellectual boozing. If you agree, this zine is for you. Have fun and buy our books.

Garrett County Pres
February 2000

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