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links.net : vita : fwp : 30 march, 1996
5am phonecall from jeeks
just got back from the best fuckin' rave of the season

they have live music all the time at their 21 dining halls
he's just calling to say it's not that unusual.

hey, that's my college, it was weird for swarthmore.

discussing class of '93 web pages
parker was just a frat factory
he got to college and found that women don't all wear lipstick
people have normal sexuality

hey man, there's more self-confidence outside of high school

well then, fuck us for thinking we were anything better
for believing in an illusion of diversity with only 70 people in our class
he wishes he had gone to school at a big place with more "real" people
now he has to unlearn his modernist progressive attitudes
people think he's an asshole
he feels fucked, wishes he'd never gone there.

you're blaming parker for everything
natural to have to unlearn after each phase
every place has its own illusion
like working for wired,
institutions have self-sustaining hype
if you went to a public school,
you might not have been encouraged to do as much as you did.
you can't hate parker for it's hype
look at the positives

so we bought opportunities
we had good support because their salary was paid
it was absurd that we were engaging that stuff,
I mean polemical student government strident,
I fit exactly into the mold
into the system
those board of trustees meetings were absurd, like the rand corp
someone should have stood up and said
look at us, we're a bunch of white people
how are we going to burst this bubble of priviledge?

swarthmore's no different than parker,
what am I supposed to do, go out and kill swarthmore's president?
that's unproductive.
you can't hate yourself for being born
for having parents who made choices you disagree with
everything has good and bad,
what did you get out of the experience?


he's a little belligerant/fucked up

fourteen years with michael feiertag was nothing?

I don't want to have anything to do with those fucking people
that fucking place
those fucking remnants

it's frustrating me that you call me at 5 am to tell me I am just a remnant

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that

yes you did.
look, if nothing else, you got Justin Hall from going to Parker.

well then.

listen, I could, and I have, spend a lot of time
faulting my brother for working on wall street
maybe he's creating jobs
but I just have to give him my love

that's flakey.

because it promotes family unity
world peace.

alright, he's laughing
that's enough
we're both chuckling,
have a good weekend.

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