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GX Lingo

god bless the ring
from the ergiez t-shirt - referring to the fighting ring
mostly: joel
slipshod, poor quality.
mostly: james.
jury rigged. unsustainable.
howdja like that shit, bitch?
brendan, playing Quake, having just sucessfully fragged someone
so simple!
line from this song
wayne/soso's term for cool, good, solid. widely used to evoke wayne.
team fortress classic
the game Terence plays, that everyone makes fun of. invoked to mean "old, bad game"
What the hell?
Remark to draw attention to something strange going on; singles out a noticed object, a proceeding remark or current activity.
Spoken with a high (not loud) tone of voice with all words pronounced without tonal variance. Some exhalation accompanies the speaking at times, for effect.
Lyle, Bob, others

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