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I came to Gamers.com to be "PlayStation Editor"
which morphed into "PlayStation Producer"

Then I was "Gamer of the Day Interviewer"

me geee x Then in March Dennis and Thump and I argued it over and came up with "Gamers Evangelist" since I would be on the road and talking about the company and talking about our community. But I didn't like the evangelist title in particular because of my experience with evangelists (of sorts). They come and they go, they sell ideas. I don't like sales.

After that it was "Editor At Large" because other people were turned off by Evangelist.

Then "Producer" or "Project Manager" seemed appropriate

Either way I was working on all manner of stuff, from filling the water cooler and innovating parking solutions, to collecting content from my coworkers for the company newsletter and researching privacy on other web sites. Everyonce in a while someone would hand me a pile of papers and say it was something important and I'd do research and present a report or plan of action.

I've had some welcome freedom of mobility. And with that freedom of mobility comes an inability to express exactly what it is I do at Gamers.com except theat I keep moving around.

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