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Date: Sat, 18 Mar 1995 14:28:28 -0500
To: <recipient list supressed>
From: Justin Hall <justin@cyborgasmic.com>
Subject: meanderings

Howdy y'all -

I enjoyed my time in SanFran - thanks to those who hosted me, smoked me, patronized me, etc. Those of you I did not see, or enjoy sustained connection with, I look forward to hooking up with you this summer sometime.

The spring is flinging here - the weather has never been better. This time last year, we were digging ourselves out from under inches of ice. Now, we bask in golden rays all the day long. I feel young again! Swarthmore is singing. I am conducting biweekly seminars, to encourage a little web activism here.

Visiting HotWired was weird. At first it seemed very different, but then it seemed eerily similar. So many friendly faces! Good people I remembered, and enjoyed seeing again, as though seven weeks hadn't passed. We're all still so young!

Two employees noted to me that "HotWired has bosses, but no leaders," and I did not see evidence to the contrary. El jefe Andrew mentioned that HotWired would be over 100 employees by the end of the year, due to big corporate cash infusion. He boasted that the content would be expanding - to support advertisers and give employees something to do, but I did not see vision. Maybe I did not linger long enough. But with Louis, Howard, Jonathan gone, I did not see who was marshalling the troops for the coming webward expansion.

I was inspired to write this letter after I ran across this URL:


perhaps its already been passed around, but if it hasn't, I thought you should know about the "Wired Theft Page".

I love all you guys, and working for Wired was fun and educational beyond dreams. Sadly, it seems as though the potential continues to dissipate. I hope someone gets down off of their digital cloud soon.

Even if they don't, each one of you can do whatever you want, better.

Enjoy yourselves and eachother!
You guys have been great to me.

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