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When HotWired launched, I was pretty into Astrology, largely because of Chandra. So when the actual minute of HotBirth arrived, I some of her software to make a chart for HotWired:


I did some analysis at the time; I believe Louis even sat at my desk and listened to some of it

it went something like this:
(probably tinged by the surrounding sense of importance in the office, and then putting it together 4 years later...)

lots of action in the 12th house portends intensity, tapping into subsconscious forces surrounding. Especially with those outer planets, Jupiter and Pluto. and in Scorpio!

Now that's a sign more associated with death and taxes than communication and anything else, so HotWired has some money/groin power to content with. Being that it's Venus is there too, that's what it is attracted to.

The Sun is in Scorpio as well, in the eleventh house of community, brotherhood.

Moon and Mars in Leo -

there's more, later.

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