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Amy Page


This year I wanted to dress up as Amy's Dad. He's a very funny guy, always been nice to me, and she has some of his clothes laying around, and recently when I put pomade in my hair my hair reminds me of his a little bit. Add a pack of Carlton's, the right sweater, some attitude, there you go.

Amy wasn't very excited about that idea. I think she briefly considered dressing up as my mom, but that didn't exactly inspire her. And the combination of the two of us might have been too strange I guess.

bunnicula - gross She said I should be "Bunnicula" - you know, the vampire bunny. Because she thinks I look like that sometimes anyways. Add some fangs, some rabbit ears, there you go. I was wavering on the idea - it was an easy costume, but I wasn't inspired either.

Eventually she decided on her own costume, "Dead Prom Queen" and I went for the partner costume, "Dead Prom King." It involved wearing fancy getup and affixing gore to our faces.

This photo taken by Kenn at the GX Halloween party:

1999 Halloween group photo
Me, Joel, Amy, Esing, 11th street & Folsom, SF

thanks to The Dark Gift Cybermall for the Large Ceramic Bunnicula photograph.