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Amy Page


amy is just so damn trenchant!

living with her generally expands my tastes, first of all. music, art especially, food occasionally. i know i've expanded her.

also, we reinforce those things between us we share - propensity for wind generation, taste for rich food, attraction to screens, accumulation of clutter.

sometimes i think i should date a hyper-organized extremely professional young lady who will usher me on to planes and think to buy gadgets before i do, but then i imagine what my life is like 10 years after that and i'm happy finding my way around with amy. i feel so damn comfortable with her.

recently we had a dry spell, a few weeks! without sex. unprecedented! perhaps while we were separated, but now that we share an abode there's no parents or roommates to keep us from copulating, only our general laziness in the face of all the we want to make and all that we are made to make in the course of a day.

Broadcast's album "Work and Non-Work" is superlative music - the doors with stereolab, add a dash of portishead and jefferson airplane.

most recently i've been chasing sex - excited by my own erections against her leg, remembering what it feels like to be rubbed against 10/13

living together brings up those issues you thought you might avoid because you were smart and sensitive, like money and taste and class and messiness and weight and hygiene. we still love each other though