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at home, amy's frantic last minute packing after some KFC and a night of banter -

"I have enough underwear here to make a salad"


egg: the bakersfield wedding is funny
egg: its very links.net
jah: hmm.
jah: that's interesting
egg: yeah
jah: they made films together
jah: i want you to have a camera
egg: I know
egg: I do too

Amy and I had a deep domestic hodown this weekend. Painting the living room ceiling, focusing on that task.

but what was even more amazing than that was Amy's sudden interest in returning to Cost Plus World Market for round two, the next day after we'd already been! In the past it's been hard enough to get her to go there for any reason, but this time I found myself like a husband asleep on the sample sofa for 20 minutes while she picked up little knicknacks and doodads, candles and doormats and little trays. And then going to Bled Bath and Beyond after that! It was some double fisted domesticity. There she picked up some jars to hold cotton balls and cotton swabs and before she never even understood why you would care about such things!

so on one hand, I've been dating this punk rock girl, and now she's starting to bother me to do a better job keeping up a nice living room. So that's strange. But on the other hand, it's a nice feeling because the more we invest in the home the more possible it seems to relax there. Now with clutter piled high and everything halfway broken or fixed, it's not a terribly chillable crib, so to speak. But Amy's got an agile mind for home design. So on we paint!


It's funny - since her time working at a stock-oriented web site, Amy occasionally spouts off things like "you should put that money in an index fund - track the nasdaq." - which considering the punk rebel girl I met three years ago, it's quite an amazing shift!

I don't really mind, it's funny that she's learning about javascript and asp and frames and her web production knowledge and expertise surpasses my own, even after I've been hacking away for almost 6 years on this web. but every once in a while she calls me for help on tables, and i feel gratified.

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