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labour day '98:
party time, excellent.

labour day '98, while our friends and few other thousands danced naked before the flames, amy consented to my brunch idea

we had a nice place by then, nice in large part because of a back deck over a creek of sorts! how odd, and how suited to daylight partying.

small oj, on the deck
picture on deck: mamie, caleb, justin, steve, judy
thanks wayne b

so we picked up some quiche, bagels, donuts, much fruit, mimosas, hard boiled eggs, and we served platter after platter to friends out back in the incredible heat and inside in some kinda cool.

it was the second weekend we'd been in the house - a great excuse to clean. and a nice way for our friends to see our scene!

there was such a wonderful turnout for three days warning:

misuba, sonic, wayne, philip, hadley, howard, mamie, judy, steve, chris, their dog zoe, caleb, tricia, axil, steev, joanne, kathy, tongsue, arwa, margret, juniper, ted

zoe buried bagels in the bardyard dirt strip behind the concrete, howard advised me to take up planter boxes, steev took pictures, steve brought plastic bugs now arrayed around the kitchen, caleb showed me his car, sonic laughed with me, not at me, chris and amy talked, tricia was wearing a memorable green-sheen shirt, judy and mamie brought berries from their yard, axil stayed late and so steev had to too, even philip and hadley went to the park with crazy stories of soccer balls on a beach

amy's friends were inside and leaving earlier than i had a chance to mingle there. they were at times in the kitchen helping her chop fruits and onions.

the party had a kinda of age/professional split - web monkeys and their ilk out back out side, the students enjoying the shade. who was more sane?

many stayed until five o'clock, and we walked through the park nearby and talked much media and merrymaking.

let's do it again some time!

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