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(in an earlier mailing carew explains the brazilian word for internet: rede (hammock))

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 13:59:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Carew
To: justin @ swarthmore

yo justinho!
newsbreak from brazil
things here are rockin tropical and the water DOES verifiably flow the other way down the drain, although twas difficult to tell on the air plane what was going on. damn condor is fuckin slow-- get that changed will ya, internet?
living with evangelical baptists that go to church four times a week-- i know more Portugese bible words than i do english now-- and can sing hymnals to boot! interviewed the american missionaries that set up the church here-- crazy m,ind trip-- these folks don't realize that they are colonists!
eating canteloupe here is like diving into a pool, bananas are like steak-- so meaty and mouthfully and the crazy fruitage here is blowing my mind-- they have 40 new icecream l\flavors-- including avocado, which isn't bad actually!
men are a royal pain-- there are no qualms about staring at women, more specifically women's asses. the clothing here is amazingly tight-- i ride the bus and wonder if the women around me can actually breathe, but there's so much skin showing that maybe they breathe through their skin instead of their lungs which have bee n squished as their much as ther flesh is popping out-- wholly moley, i could go on and on
little cndies here with gospel messages inside, cripples on the streets that walk like dogs or weird monkeys, always begging.
everyone in the slums smells like mildew, and so does the paper money. after something smells like mildew you can't ever get it clean again-- its a fuckin plague, this perfume of brazil
the beach is typical tropical-- the purdiest i ever did see, we've got a place to chill at night-- its called the sex wharf, where heterosexuality is in full bloom at every lamp-post and the cups overflow with cachaca, sugar cane alcohol
if people aren't brainwashed by rede globo, the ONE tv channel, then they're tuned into Jesus hard core, or hollywood. you can feel my pain. next week going to live in a rural fishing village, then on to bahia-- the land of african drunning, dance and capoeira-- a unique martial art [racticed here. i'll meet the musicians that played with Paul Simon on the Obvious Child, his album called the rhythm of the saints, they;'re called OLODUN. then i spend three weeks researching MST-- movimento sem terra-- landless peasant workers who have been massacred, kicked around and beaten by the brutal government-- they're advocating for land reform hard core, but the government is advocating for more international capital-- what a country. never seen so much nastiness, but i haven't seen much, thats for sure.
they aren't afriad to paint huge buildings pink here.
are you living in SF this summer? ned and i might be there, that would be fab, eh?
hope you're good-- let me know, only ave email for one more week.
healthy hands, justin
love you

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