chandra chandra

don't forget (6/23/94)

we bring
to this thing
words take wing
and sing
that pain
comes alive
as we strive
and cry
and eyes
go unmet
and yet
don't forget
when cheeks
are wet
once we sat in the grass
together, we went to the market
i kissed your neck, and you laughed
and lo, was i daft

now and its
matrimonial life
regular strife
a new rhythm?
or, like with him
an old game
the same game
so inane
and fraught with pain

your soul
my hole
between us

don't forget
or fail to expect
i suppose
new plateaus
its we we chose
not those
in cooler clothes

to burn
in that green scene
those piercing plutonian
emoting oculars
in short
your eyes
your thighs
your sighs
your cries
i surmise
that this prize
in guise
our surprise
to find
a potent partner
self-soul-searching starter
in you,
in me
just we
can it be?
i see
though it crawls
slow sultry seamy steamy
and it balls
creamy dreamy touch me please me
it never dawdles
or coddles unduly
our passions unruly
when we
face the pace
deal the real
confront the blunt
then we free
what can be
of us and we
you and me.

- J. Hall

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